Beer Brewing: A Honey Kölsch

So, I brewed my first batch of beer, something I”ve been wanting to do for a long time.  Its delicious, and in perfect time for … summer, or spring, or whatever season these 80+ degree temperature days represent.

I picked up the ingredients at AHS.  The guys there are really great, and really know what they’re talking about.  I bought a stock pot, fermenting bucket, glass carboy, some cleaning supplies, some bottling gear, and the ingredients for this recipe.

The beer fermented in the primary for a week, and fermented in the secondary for another week.  When I transferred it to the secondary, I added 1/2 lb. honey (instead of adding all of the 1 lb. honey during the primary fermentation.)  The yeast still nommed on the honey sufficiently during the secondary fermentation, but left just enough delicious sweet notes to go along with this classic summer beer.

Want to try it?  You’ll just have to stop over!

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