Hyperionus: A Musically Dancing Light Display

Hi, All!

I’m working on a new project. It is based on a pretty cool product from SparkFun. The magic component is an addressable LED light strip — and is pictured on the right.

The LED strips are 1 meter long, and have 32 RGB LEDs. Each R, G, and B component of each RGB LED can be varied in intensity with 8-bits of PWM precision. So, 24-bits per LED, yielding a whole mess of color permutations.

The idea is pretty simple: create real-time art from music.

A microphone (or line-in jack) provides audio samples. Real-time DSP does pitch decomposition [1]. The short time energy content of each pitch band will map to an LED on the LED strip. The hue of each LED is determined by the timbre of the underlying pitch.

For my first prototype, I’ll use my National Instruments CompactRIO. In the future, after I’ve figured out what the exact DSP requirements are, I’m planning to use the Raspberry Pi embedded computer.

Anyways, I ordered an LED strip from SparkFun and some mating connectors from the company in Japan that sells them. It looks like next, I’ll get some of the pitch decomposition stuff moved over to LabVIEW (probably via MathScript RT, since they provide a toolkit in MATLAB.)

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