Processing, Walkarounds, and Panoramas


Three things that I want to talk about somewhat briefly are processing, my new walkarounds folder, and a fun panorama I made the other day.

I started shooting in Canon RAW format — and let me tell you, incredible. I personally think you gain such a better image. You can take the image to Adobe Lightroom or Adobe Photoshop and control every part of conversion to JPEG. Obviously — the caveat of RAW images is disk cost — they run about twice as large as a high resolution JPEG. One of the most useful things I’ve found RAW images for is in low light — they record a much larger amount of information, and allow for a lot better brightening/post-processing. The picture at the right was post-processed to be sepia tone, and is looking towards a musical group that performed before the Case Music Department’s concert in Severance Hall just a week ago.

Since I got the new camera, I’ve been carrying it everywhere with me to take pictures here and there… I don’t know how else to organize some of these photos except to start using a Walkaround folder sytem. Every day that I transfer pictures from my camera, they’ll be sorted into that day’s Walkaround folder.

A few days ago, I took the camera up to the village and took a series of 36 shots that I used in conjunction with PTgui to create a panorama. Its pretty cool. Check out the full resolution version of the pan in the Panorama folder… I plan on taking some more panoramas when time permits… so keep an eye out!

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